Diwali tags | Guest Designer @Nakshathra Designz


We have the festival of lights, Deepavali coming up this month end. Many of us include our friends and family in the celebration by wishing them and giving sweets/little gifts.  

I’m sharing with you all the set of Diwali tags I made using the “Sparkling Diwali” set of pattern papers from Nakshathra Designz.

To make maximum utilisation of the set, I have taken one 6” x 6” pattern paper and cut it into 2 halves, measuring 6” x 3” inches. By doing so, I can make 2 tags with same design.

Here is the first tag I made using 2 of the pattern papers:


This is a very much economical project. You can create around 20 tags from just 1 paper stack (I’m excluding the die cut design sheets and the one with diyas). However, for today, I will show 8 tags I made using 8 design papers. You can follow similar process for creating remaining tags.

Here goes the second set of tags.


For each tag, I’m grouping the cards into 2 designs, where I use 1 design for the background and another for the foreground. With this arrangement, you can create a window with the foreground paper to ensure the background design is a seen-through.

Here’s the third one which I simply love, mainly because of the colour mix:


Once you have the layout ready, embellish it with festive elements to make the card look interesting. To finish off, add a twine to the tag.

And now the final set of tags:


I had lot of fun creating these tags. I hope you also liked this project and will try them out.

You can also find my guest designer post @ Nakshathra Designz


If you are inspired by this project, then don’t forget to like/comment/share.

*** Happy Crafting ***


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