DIY Project – Altering Glass Jars

Glass jars/bottles have always been very interesting objects for me and I have used them in many craft projects. You can end up making gorgeous things out of them, especially for gifting purpose.

In this project, I would like to share how I altered a set of 2 jam jars using simple techniques.

Step 1: Decorating the caps

Jam Bottle (3)

For this project, I have used seashells for decorating the caps. Select the type of seashells you would like to use and stick them carefully using glue. I have used Fevicol to stick them onto the surface. I made sure that I put a generous layer of Fevicol to stick them.

Once the glue is dried, paint them with colours of your choice. Once you have painted, make sure you varnish it to protect the paint, as well as to give a glossy finish.

Step 2: Decoupaging the glass jar.

Decoupaged Bottle (2)

I have used decoupage glue and paper from Itsy Bitsy. Coat a layer of glue onto the surface of the jar with decoupage glue and stick the paper. After the paper is stuck, coat another layer of decoupage glue on the paper. Let it dry. If required, give another coat of decoupage glue.

Step 3: Embellishing

Decoupaged Bottle (1)

Once the bottle cap and decoupage glue dries, you can embellish the jar to make it look more interesting. I have tied a thread around the neck of the jar and hanged a small transparent bottle. I got this small bottle from a nail-art kit. I have also added some jewellery beads inside the tiny bottle.

This is a simple DIY project which you can make using things available at home.

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*** Happy Crafting ***



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