Reynolds writing pen – new look..!!!

Reynolds ballpoint pen is the most commonly used writing pen which each of us have used atleast once. Its basic design consists of a white body with a blue cap. Although the design is simple, it has a really good durability.

I decided to alter this pen for today’s project and give it a new look.

I need to thank the Facebook group ‘Mixed Media Morsels’ and Cat Hand again, for giving me this idea. 🙂

But first, here’s the final look of the pen..!!! Isn’t it looking great?

pen design 1 (1)

I wish I had photos for every step to explain the process. Probably I will write another blog post (along with photos for each step) to help understand better.

Here are the steps which I followed to alter this pen:

  1. Take a washi tape and cut them at certain lengths (enough to cover the body of the pen).
  2. Stick these lengths of tape onto a plastic cover.
  3. Use your imagination to paint over the tapes. It could be random designs, drawings, doodles, etc. Your design need not be perfect here.
  4. Once the paint dries, take 1 length of the tape and wrap around the body of the pen.

pen design 1 (4)

The end result is a random pattern as shown in the photos. As you can see, the design is not clearly visible. This is why you need not worry about perfection when creating the design.

pen design 1 (3)

Additionally, I tied some thread around the pen and over the cap.

This is the basic process which I followed to alter this pen. It’s a cool DIY project where you can easily give a new look to your writing tools.

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*** Happy Crafting ***


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