Recycled Project – Altered bottle

I have always been a fan of recycling. Along with buying new products, I  make sure I reuse a lot things for my projects – like bottles, boxes, etc.

This is one such project.

In my previous blog post CREATE, I had mentioned that my art journal page has inspired me to create a new altered art project. I have altered a plastic bottle to turn it into this flower vase.

Flower Vase - Time (2)

It is a very simple process and can be used to altered any object.

For this bottle, I decided to use parts of an old watch, some twine and beads. I have used texture paste from Camel to stick all these onto the bottle. As the paste dries, the watch parts gets glued in. The paste is also used to give texture on my bottle.

Flower Vase - Time (3)

Once the texture dries, paint the entire bottle with black. After the black paint dries, use metallic colours to paint on the bottle. I then used some yellow paint to highlight certain areas. You can use some gesso as well for the highlighting.

For the final finish, spray some varnish to protect the paint and also for a glossy effect.

This was a fun and economic project. It can be easily made using things lying around in the house.

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*** Happy Crafting ***


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