Art Journalling is a form of expression.
It is an insight into the artist’s mind.
Every page says a story…

Personally, for me, it is an inspiration. Every time I need an idea or lost thinking what to create next, my Art Journal is where I look for inspiration…

Introducing my second Art Journal titled “Inspiration”… and here’s my first page – CREATE.

Page 1 - Create (2)

In my post inchies, I had mentioned about a Facebook group called ‘Mixed Media Morsels’. This page is an inspiration from a technique I learnt in the group.

Page 1 - Create (3)

I divided this page into 2 parts and worked on each one separately – one where you see brick pattern and the other one with textured pattern.

The textured half of the page is done using plastic wrap technique. This is simple and can be easily achieved.

  1. Apply a coat of Gesso on the paper and let it dry thoroughly.
  2. Then, add a layer of paints of your choice.
  3. Before the paint dries, cover the entire sheet with plastic wrap (make sure there are wrinkles) and let it dry overnight.

When the plastic wrap is removed, you will see a really cool pattern created.

Page 1 - Create (5)

The other half of the page is covered with pattern using stencils and texture paste. For my project, I have used the brick stencils from Tim Holtz Collection. The page has been coloured with a complimentary colour from the pattern made by plastic wrap.

I have also used paper flowers and ‘CREATE’ word stamp to complete the page.

This page has inspired me to create a new altered art project. Here’s a preview of the project. Stay tuned for my next post to know how I have altered this bottle and turned into a flower vase.

Flower Vase - Time (2)

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Also, don’t forget to checkout my previous art journal – PYE.

*** Happy Crafting ***



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