Book Safe – To Kill a Mocking Bird

Beautiful memories form a very important part of our lives. They always have a special place in our heart, where we would like to keep them safe and never forget. They are a constant reminder that life is beautiful.

Today I would like to introduce a new project called ‘Book Safe for a Memory’. It’s sole purpose is to safeguard a memory. There are other ways to safeguard memories, but since books have always been special to me, I decided to use a book.

TKMB (1)

I have chosen a well know book for this project: To Kill a Mocking Bird – Harper Lee. I know there are many book lovers out their who might feel tearing apart a book was not the right thing. But being a book worm myself, I feel there is absolutely nothing wrong in this. Maybe this is a relative opinion, depends on each person’s way of seeing things.

I happen to have 2 copies of the same book, hence used 1 of them for this project.

TKMB (9)

To make the ‘safe’, I have cut a couple of pages in the centre. Depending on the depth, you can cut as many pages as you want.

TKMB (2)

Once the ‘safe’ is ready, you can design it the way you wish to. For this project, I have used a tag to safeguard a memory. A special message can be written in the tag.

TKMB (4)

Instead of a tag, an object as well can be placed in the ‘safe’.

This was a fun project for me. The end result turned out to be more beautiful than I had initially planned.

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*** Happy Crafting ***




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