Inchies have been my favourite concept ever since I learnt about them.

I came across Inchies in a Facebook group called ‘Mixed Media Morsels’. This group mainly concentrates on various techniques used to create art journal layouts. 

Inchies are nothing but squares of paper which are of length 1 inch. For my project, I used an old drawing which I had done few months back.

Page 12 - Inches source

I used some spray paints to colours the page and then cut them into 1 inch squares. You can make your page more interesting by using texture, stamps, etc. Since I already have a lot of design on my page, I chose not to do anything further.

Page 12 - Inchies (4)

Once the Inchies were stuck onto my Art Journal page, I punched out some circles and randomly placed on the page.

Page 12 - Inchies (3)

I had lot of fun creating this Art Journal layout. It is as simple as it sounds.

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*** Happy Crafting ***




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