Book Reading

In my blog post¬†Sea Creature, I had mentioned my interest of creating art using clay. ūüôā

I’m finally able to get my hands on polymer clay and make this piece of work. Just loved the way it turned out to be.

For a newbie, there are always video tutorials to help us make creations using clay. Youtube has been helpful in providing me one such tutorial to make the book. I followed the steps provided in this link to create the clay book.

mag book (2)

Once the book is made, you will have to bake it in the oven. Time duration and temperature will be provided on the info of the clay packet. I have used Make n Bake Polymer Clay from Itsy Bitsy for this project.

mag book (3)

Once it is baked and cooled, paint the book cover (if required). I have used acrylics paints from Camel for this project.

For the magnet base, I have used Wooden Decorable MDF from Itsy Bitsy.

mag book (4)

The wordings have been printed¬†using Texture Paste from Camel using ‚ÄėArt Is‚Äô stencil from Crafter‚Äôs Workshop. The background has been coloured with acrylic paints from Camel.

Finally, I have glued down the book onto the MDF base and attached a magnet.

mag book (1)

I have also used micro beads as an additional embellishment.

The entire project has been coated using Artists Picture Varnish Spray to give it a glossy finish and also to protect the paint.

This turned out to be a really cool fridge magnet. Being a book reader myself, I’m sure other book readers out there will like it too.

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*** Happy Crafting ***





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