My Friends

I have always believed that Art Journal is the process of creating art without any rules. You can create a page using anything that you can find around; like paints, papers, stickers, various mediums/textures, etc.

The 2 essential, must have ingredients for all my art journal layouts are paper and paints. It has been impossible for me to work without these 2.

But for today’s art journal layout, I have not used paints at all. It’s fascinating to see how much can be done with just paper, scissors and glue.

Page 9 (1)

For the background, I have cut and glued down random stripes of pattern paper of various colours. I have then used some Gesso in a splattered manner to lighten the background.

Page 9 (2)

A craft punch has been used to cut out some butterflies in various colours.

Page 9 (3)

The ‘My Friends’ wording is a sticker I bought from a local craft store.

Since the theme is my friends, I have ensured that all the 3 lines on the layout are related to the topic in focus.

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*** Happy Crafting ***


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