Sea Creature

There are many wonderful Mixed Media artists out there who have been inspiring me a lot to continue working in this direction. One such artist is Gabrielle Pollacco. Her work is amazing and perfect..!!!

This project is an inspiration from one of her work.

sea creature (1)

Gabrielle has used polymer clay for her project which has given a completely different result than what you see in my project. But, I have used dough clay for my project. This is non baked so it does not stay stiff. I would recommend using polymer clay for such mixed media projects.

sea creature (2)

I have used ‘Art Is’ stencil from Crafter’s Workshop for my background. I glued down the sea creature initially and then started placing all other embellishments.

sea creature (4)

Since the theme is based around the sea creature, I have mainly used seashells and pearls. The clock, tied with a chain seemed to make the project more interesting. So, I added that along with some buttons.

sea creature (7)

I then used some thread around the sea creature to look like its being caught.

For colouring, the usual suspects, Tibetan Poppy Team from Lindy’s stamp gang Starburst sprays and a bit of Cattail Copper Brown have been used in the background. To highlight the embellishments, I have used various colours from Camel’s Pearl set paints.

sea creature (3)

Some micro beads have been glued on the sea creature and also on some parts of the project.

This is the first time I have ever worked on clay. Although I’m not completely satisfied with the end result, it has definitely inspired me to work more with clay.

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*** Happy Crafting ***




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