Celebration Tag

Tags have always been of great interest to me. They can be used in many ways – be it as a greeting tag to wish someone, a bookmark, on greeting cards or even as a page in art journals.

I have used this tag which I got from  Itsy Bitsy

Initially, I had decided not to modify the background for this tag. But it later got covered up with layers and layers of paints.

Page 6 - Pattern

I have used some thread in the background to give a random design and texture.

The background has been painted with Lindy’s stamp gang Starburst spray : Cattail Copper Brown, Tibetan Poppy Teal and Autumn Maple Crimson. You can find this in The Craft Shop.

Page 6 (1)

The wordings are from 3D printed border embellishments from Ist Bitsy.

I used a black lace for my tag since I wanted to keep the border of this tag as black. I also wanted to ensure that the wordings did not look odd with its black outline. To bring both of them together, black border was required.

Page 6 (2)

You can checkout my Facebook page link for more photos (Don’t forget to like my Facebook Page.)

*** Happy Crafting ***


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