Jewellery Box – Purple Beauty

This is a mixed media Jewellery box which I have named as ‘Purple beauty’. Mainly because of its rich purple that makes the box so much beautiful.

It’s a rectangle magnetic box which has been altered with seashells and many many

embellishments. The base has been coated with Camel’s Texture White to give it a nice uneven texture.

JB Rectangle_small (2)

The seashells, flowers and all other embellishments which I have used in this project are all bought from a local craft store called Itsy Bitsy.

The metal embellishments are also given a texture coat with Camel’s Texture White.

JB Rectangle_small (6)

The sides have been stencilled with pattern using Texture White.

The colouring turned out to be unexpected luck. I started off colouring with Blue and Pink. But when I mixed these 2 colours on the surface, I got a rich purple which looked so much better. So, I ended up having this purple. If you look closely, you can find a tinge of pink and blue in the purple. I have also added a bit of yellow here and there to give it an aged look. Finally, the embellishments are coloured with green and yellow.

Here are the colours which I used:

  1. Camel Fabrica Acrylic colours: Cerulean Blue
  2. Camel Poster Colour: Pink
  3. Camel Poster Colour: Chrome Lemon Hue
  4. Camel Fabrica Acrylic colours: Light Green

You can checkout my Facebook page link for more photos (Don’t forget to like my Facebook Page.)

*** Happy Crafting ***


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